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What exactly is R22-RIGGING?



The R22-RIGGING creator and designer, Randy McDannell, has drawn on his experience in the worlds of design and outdoor living to create the R22 belt and it's multiple variations. A degree in design and architecture from Syracuse University, a decade with Ralph Lauren in New York and Paris, owning a specialty store in Lower Manhattan and another 10 years owning a design firm in San Francisco creating detailed outdoor living spaces all contribute to the R22-RIGGING belt being ideal for the active and casual yet styled lives of men today.

Other influences including coastal childhood summers at his grandparents' in Newport, RI, multiple cross-country road trips, living on both coasts and travel while living overseas have lent to his embracing of interactive living. Notably, water and the life around it have always been a strong influence for Randy. "All my life I've been drawn to the ocean. As an infant, I could swim before I learned to walk!" notes Randy.

Back on the American Eastern seaboard, Randy spent a year on the barrier island of Fort Lauderdale where, with nautical inspiration always only steps away, he focused on the development of the R22-RIGGING belt collection.

With function and style in tandem, the R22 belts aren't just belts but lend to carrying everything from sunglasses and keys to a camping blanket or bags from the corner grocery. The belts are even a handy impromptu  leash when walking rover. "Designs for utility are the most interesting to me as there is an honesty about them. A sailboat, a carabiner, a rope; they all exemplify form derived from function resolved in design."

The patented concept incorporates materials used in sports and other activities familiar to men. Authentic rope and hardware from the worlds of boating, climbing and others are the components of the R22-RIGGING belt. Classic belt function meets with an all new form through the rethinking of materials both classic and unexpected.

McDannell sees R22-RIGGING as a platform for his designs for style-punctuated casual living. Seeing a void in the market for fun and innovative belts, at a time when men are searching for unique accessories, his first design is a handcrafted belt for men which adds a distinctly relaxed personal statement to their wardrobes all the while lending to the 19,000 year history of the unsurpassed pure function of rope.


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